Hello everyone, welcome to the official blog from all of the Rosso Twins which are Milly, Becky, Lola, Bianca, and Georgina Rosso. Hope you all enjoy the blog! XO.


The Rosso sisters includes Milly, Becky, Lola, Bianca, and Georgina Rosso. Currently working on their reality show and album featuring all of their sisters with Irene Drayer also known as 'The Dray Way'. The sisters favorite movies are High school Musical, Legally Blonde, The Parent Trap, Grown Ups, Mean Girls and Harry Potter. Twins Milly & Becky are currently working on 'Ugly Duckling', Milly plays Kaitlin while Becky plays Kelly. From this blog you can see daily updates from the sisters and what's going on in their life. All of the sisters enjoy music, the beach, photography and the colour PINK! And we all know the fact that their British!


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Taking Over London.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ 6:14 AM

Hello everyone! It's Becky here and welcome to our official blog. Well, our blog with our other sisters as well but hello there! We're currently in London with mum, dad and Lola. Georgina and Bianca are back in Los Angeles, CA with Aika and aunt Maggie. We're visiting grandmother for the weekend and it's rather lovely! We landed last night so it's all cool. We're having one of our tour dates here as well so I'll post it shortly. Milly and I have been working on it for so long, the label has been such a big help to everyone. We're having five shows in the O2 area so thank you so much fans for buying the tickets, it means a lot, seriously. The set list features Just A Dream and it'll be really cool, I can't say much about it because I want it all to be a surprise. 

Since you all have been asking me this question 'Becky, where do you get all of your clothes?' well, I'm here to answer that question so whatever you know what to know I'll be answering it right now. Ever heard of this adorable boutique in L.A called Kalos? If not their items are really adorable and you can check the site out by clicking here, I get stuff from their all the time. You should also check out PrepJerkz, Forever 21 and go to Kitson. I get my sleeping stuff from BeePosh so check it out, their really comfortable, and I mean seriously comfortable. For Jewelry or Accessories go and check out Shop Love Alicia, Stoney Clover Lane and Jawbreaking Jewelry. Hope that answered your question. 

By the way, we're also going to post Tour Recaps, what we think and such, so it'll be a blast! Love you all, happy early holidays. So excited, ten more days until Christmas.